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I’m tired of working in jobs where I have to regularly deal with people.

It’s annoying and the stupidity of the general public is absolutely mind-blowing.

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The Journey of an Underemployed 20-Something:

When I returned at 3PM I went up to Amelia and Adam and both were discussing the fact that they didn’t have a reliable associate to be front and center, greeting customers as they entered the store, but as soon as they saw me they decided that the responsibility would fall on me.  Un-phased by having been given this task, I headed to the front of the store and started repeating, “Hi, Welcome to American Eagle!” to every individual entering.

Maybe about a half an hour later we got the visit we were expecting: the company’s CEO came in with our obnoxious Regional Manager.  I welcomed them in, and introduced myself while shaking the CEO’s hand.  For me, it was nothing more than that simple interaction, but he stayed for only a few minutes to check out the location as well as ask how business was going.  The only memorable things to happen during his stay were him giving my friend a $50 gift card for making our stock room look so good, and my micromanaging Regional being on my case about making sure I’m folding the table, customer servicing and greeting.  I so badly wanted to yell at her to leave me alone and that I knew what I was doing.  Unfortunately, I did not.

As the evening progressed we started getting busier, and by the end of the night we had done over $160,000 in sales.  That night for closing was absolute insanity, and it took the management staff the better part of 3 hours just to close down the registers, which is normally a 30 minute process at best.

If I can recall correctly, the cash deposit amounted to just over $58,000, all of which needed to be counted by hand.  Hand.  It was an exhausting process the required double and triple checking to ensure complete accuracy.  At one point the closing manager was so tired and upset she had to leave, but nobody could truly blame her because at this point it was well after 3 in the morning.  (If you’re following, yes, I worked a single 12+ hour shift on Black Friday.)  By the time the rest of us ended up leaving the store it was well after 4 in the morning.

The only thing I can say about the experience is that my next paycheck was absolutely beautiful…

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everything good makes you fat an addict or broke

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